In Medias Res

Bent Pin Marketing & Entertainment (BPME), is my creative and business home. I'm J.L. Reid, a writer, designer, performer, and consultant based in Raleigh North Carolina.

Over the years I've worn many, but related, professional hats: freelance tech and business journalist, publicist, web designer, web developer, marketing consultant, report writer, proposal writer, comic book writer, scriptwriter, graphic designer, producer, DJ, and performer. If the task involves some combination of words, sounds and visuals, then it's probably on my resume.

I'm currently in full-on creative mode, and developing a series of book experiences for the android platform--iOS versions coming soon--but that's not to say you shouldn't contact me about freelancing/consulting on your project. One other thing: many of my projects are ad-supported, so if you're interested in buying ad space, drop me a line.


"I stepped on a pin, the pin bent. And that's the way the story went."

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